'Creaky Door'

Silent tears and things unsaid,
A child wishing they were dead,
The silence of that empty room,
Knowing what will happen soon soon.

Darkness of the night unfolds,
Another story never told,
Horror going through their mind,
Is there a way out they can find.

A door that opens with a creak,
They know who’s there,
but dare not speak,
Wishing night would turn to day,
Because then, they would go away.

A child abused by one they love,
God, Please protect them from above,
So in their darkness they may see,
That one day soon, they will be free.

Please let them know that others care,
And in their pain, we all will share,
That we will help them with our Love,
And with the help of God above.

And let them know that alls not lost,
We won’t give up at any cost,
We’ll help the darkness go away,
Tomorrows dawn, A brand new day.

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