‘My Memorial’

Author unknown 26/11/2008.

Let this only grow, by the names that I have missed……..

In memory of those innocents taken from us over the period 1990-2008 in the hope, that the disgrace of accepting this in our midst, will motivate us all, to truly care, enough that we render all possible protection to those who are our future.

Robert Harlem 19 months old. Died of injuries consistent with shaking, and internal injuries.
Graham Ross Sperry, jailed for his death.

Delcelia Witika, two years old, bashed, burned, split appendix, left in her cot to die while her mother and her mother’s partner went partying.
Both were jailed for manslaughter.

Craig Manukau, 11 years old. His mother tuned the radio volume up full, to drown out the noise while his father kicked him to death.

Jordan Ashby, 3 years old. Found by baby sitters to have bruises and a black eye, that a doctor declared, were consistent with him having fallen from his bike, before Phillip Rakete, his mother’s boyfriend, beat him to death.

Jeanette Rikihana, 5 months old, murdered by her father Soulan James Pownceby, an Olympic boxer. Her injuries included severe bruising to the head, including a cracked skull, and internal bruising. Pownceby was charged with murder, however the jury at his murder trial ruled that he was not guilty of murder but was guilty of manslaughter. Powceby was sentenced to four years in jail.

Veronika Takerei-Mahu 11 months old, after CYF’s ignored claims of abuse, and social workers opted not to tell the court of the fears of a public health nurse, the child’s father, beat her to death.

Jaydon Perrin, 10 months old. Died of massive head injuries while in the care of his mother Leanne, and her boyfriend Aron Vercoe. Both were charged with murder, but were acquitted.

Tichena Crosland, 3 years old, was taken by CYF’s from the care of her mother Moana Whakamarurangi and given into the care of her father, David Crosland three months before she died of traumatic head injuries and with a badly damaged vagina. David Crosland was found guilty of murder, but not rape.

James Whakaruru, 4 years old. After months of beatings and abuse, 7 visits to hospital in one year, 40 examinations medical professionals, he was finally punched and kicked to death by his mother’s boyfriend, Benny Haerewa who was out after having been found guilty of earlier attacks on the same child. Haerewa apparently carried out these beatings, at least on one occasion, in the presence of another child, who on command, handed him such instruments of torture as jug cords and vacuum cleaner pipes. Haewera was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

Hinewaoriki (Lilly-Bing) Karatiana-Matiana, on her second birthday. Died in her cot from cerebral swelling after being shaken. She had bruising and lacerations to her genitals.
She was at the time, in the care of two of her aunts, while her mother was out partying.
Her two aunts were convicted and jailed.

Mereana Edmonds, 6 years old. Beaten to death by her mother Belinda, and her lover Dorothy Tipene. She was found to have 3 very serious brain injuries, and 30 cuts, bruises and abrasions. Among her torment was being trown into an outside shed for the night after wetting her bed.
Her mother was sentenced to 8 years, and her partner, for her part, just 27 months.

Amber Grace Lundy, 7 years old, killed by her own father who repeatedly struck her on the back of the head with a tomahawk. Mark Lundy, a 43 year old salesman was convicted of Amber’s murder and also the murder of her mother Christine Lundy. Lundy was jailed for life with a minimum non-parole period of 17 years, which was later increased to 20 years following an unsuccessful appeal.

Saliel Aplin 12 years old, and her half-sister, Olympia Aplin, 11 years old, killed in a knife attack by their stepfather. He was sentenced to 25 years, non-parole.

Tamati Pokai, 3 years old, was beaten to death by his foster father after the child brought home a packet of jelly beans from kindergarten.

Kelly Gush, 12 years old, ws kicked to death by his mother’s partner after he vomited up his dinner.

Coral-Ellen Burrows, 6 years old, who in spite of warnings to CYF’s by her birth father, was knocked unconscious, and beaten to death by her stepfather while driving her to school, because she said she didn’t want to go to school. He dumped her body.

Rocky Wano, 15 came home for Christmas. His father angered at finding him drunk when called to pick him up from the local Marae, kicked him to death.

Tangaroa Matiu was beaten to death with a fence paling by his stepfather, for soiling his pants. His mother denied strangling or choking him to death.

An unidentified 2 year old boy (Identity suppressed) was thrown against walls, forced to eat dog faeces, beaten, suffered abuse and injuries consistent with violent abuse. Harley Wharewera, 19 was jailed for 10 years, and Jeremy Tawa, 23 was jailed for 2, after the beating of this tiny child. His mother, Jill Tania Tito, who knew what was happening was sentenced to 18 months jail. She will be out by now, and probably already a mother again.

Ngatikaura Ngata, 3 years old, beaten to death with weapons for soiling his pants. His mother and stepfather were both sentenced to 8 years for manslaughter.

Chris and Cru Kahui, tiny premature twin boys, just weeks old, but in otherwise reasonable health, killed by a person or persons as yet unknown. Raised in an overcrowded house with just one legitimate income. A place of drinking, drugs and fighting, everyone with one exception, supported by benefits.

Jyniah Te Awa, 10 months old, killed by her baby sitter and family friend Tiana Kapea, who was in November, 2008, sentenced to 17 years.
Baby Jyniah was among other torturous exposures, tossed into a deepfreeze as punishment for something unexplainable that only babies, less than a year old can be guilty of. She was also beaten and swung by her hair, and in similar fashion to another case on these pages, was hung on a line by her ‘T’ shirt.

Nia Glassie, 3 years old, murdered by her mother’s boy friend and his brother.
Her mother, Lisa Kuka was found guilty of manslaughter and her boyfriend Wiremu Curtis and his brother Michael Curtis, were both found guilty of her murder.
Tiny Nia had been subjected to being thrown against a wall, pegged to a clothes line and having i swung until she flew off, being used to practice wrestling moves, such as being slammed and dropped on, and being placed in a rotary clothes drier with it turned on.

Dylan Hohepa Tonga Rimoni 3 years old
Middlemore Hospital staff notified police on Wednesday that a child with unexplained head injuries had been brought to the hospital by ambulance late the previous night.
He was later transferred to Auckland’s Starship Hospital, where life support was turned off

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