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Maori Child Abuse

May 15, 2016 2 comments


Maori children are four times more likely to suffer from abuse and neglect than white children in New Zealand, but mentioning this inconvenient statistic in the media will get you branded as a racist.


Four children left home alone, no food or heating.

May 12, 2014 1 comment

Four children – all under 7 – left home alone on Saturday night were found scared and crying when police went into a Whangarei house.

A 24-year-old Raumanga woman faces four charges of neglecting a child under the age of 18 and will appear in Whangarei District Court today.

Full article here.

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Another unsupervised child dies.

January 25, 2012 3 comments

David Taliai

Update: The boy’s name is David Taliai.

A three-year-old boy has died after being run over in a shopping centre car park while his mother was inside shopping.

Toddler killed by van at shops.

A mother cradled her dying toddler after he was hit and dragged by a van in Auckland yesterday.

The 3-year-old boy in Manurewa died from serious head and chest injuries as his devastated mother cried, “Please don’t take him” and “Cuddle me, my son”. He had been playing outside shops on Dalgety Drive, while his mother was inside, when the eight-seater van hit him about 1.45pm.

He was dragged under the van for about 5m before the driver stopped, alerted by shouts from workers at the Kev’s Clothing Emporium store. One of them, James Maea, 22, said the accident happened “out of nowhere”.

“I heard a colleague call, ‘Stop’, but the van didn’t stop at all and hit the kid. I think the driver didn’t really know what he had hit. He kept driving until my boss told him to stop.”

His colleague, Charlie Selui, went to the side of the van where the boy was lying, picked him up and put him on a couch that was on the side of the driveway. Mr Maea said by that stage the boy was bleeding badly. “He had been here with his mum. She’s a regular customer and she was inside looking at clothes and her child was running around [outside].”

The driver was distraught. “You could tell by the look on his face that he was sorry.” The boy’s mother knelt in front of her son while another woman performed CPR. The driver wiped blood from the face of the child, telling the mother, “Sorry, sorry”.

Constable Amy Weston, of the Counties- Manukau serious crash unit, said it was too early to say if the driver would be charged but urged witnesses to come forward.

Tragic lack of parental supervision leads to boy’s death.

January 18, 2012 2 comments

The article below details the drowning of 4-year-old Michael Te Kapurangi Walker-Mitchell, who had complete freedom to roam the streets of the East Coast settlement of Te Karaka where he lived, as long as he “watched out for dogs, kept off the road and was home by dark”.

Let me just repeat that he was FOUR YEARS OLD! The cause of his death has been attributed to an inadequately fenced water tank. Nowhere in the article is it mentioned that he would probably be alive today if only his parents had an ounce of common sense and kept an eye on him.

IMO the parents should be charged with neglect causing death. But no, in some sections of today’s society the government is expected to be responsible for raising the children produced by parents who are merely the birth vessel and sperm doner, unwilling or unable to perform this vital duty.

Daredevil boy’s tragic drowning.

Michael Walker-Mitchell was allowed to roam the streets of the East Coast settlement of Te Karaka, as long as he watched out for dogs, kept off the road and was home by dark.

Good rules, but “daredevil” Michael was just four and didn’t stick to one of them – to stay out of a property 108m from his home because there was a disused water tank there.

Four days after his fourth birthday he wandered on to the property, into the 1.8m deep tank and drowned. Hastings Coroner Chris Devonport, in a report released today, found Michael died of drowning last June 4.

His family raised the alarm when he failed to return by 5pm, having last been seen at 3.30pm. Others in the village were called, and police were notified at 7pm. Michael’s body was found just after midnight, submerged in the water tank.

His father, Michael Mitchell, told the coroner the preschooler knew not to go into the property. “I told him not to go in there. My aunty stays across the road and she always tells the kids to keep out of there.

“The gate’s always down and horses run in there all the time. As far as I can remember, that tank was uncovered. That’s why everybody was told to stay out of there.”

Michael usually played with his trucks in a drain outside the family home or went to his cousins with his five-year-old sister, Mr Mitchell said. “Everybody knew him in the village, most were related to him,” he said.

“There’s a kind of attitude that you look after each other’s kids. Michael was always told not to take off by himself but he would. “We had rules, like watch out for dogs and never walk on the road and be home before dark.”

Mr Mitchell described his son as “a bit of a daredevil”, always climbing on cars or running around. Mr Devonport said the property the water tank was on had a gate but there was a gap in it which an adult could walk through.

The tank was 1.8m deep, 5.3m long and 2.8m wide and set into the ground but was not classed as a swimming pool and therefore not required to be fenced. However, it was clearly a hazard to small children – “and that fact appears to have been known”, Mr Devonport said.

“However, the tank was not adequately fenced off or covered to eliminate the hazard. The only action taken to reduce the danger to small children appears to have been to instruct them to not enter the property.

“Tragically, in Michael’s case, that was insufficient.”