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Neglected 5-year-old sent to school smelly, hungry and riddled with head lice and scabies.

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Sian Corbett-Pitman

Contender for mother-of-the-year Sian Corbett-Pitman has been convicted of neglecting her 5-year-old daughter.

A couple of pearls of wisdom from her Bookface page: “life is to short, so live it up, drink it down, party hard, smoke alot, break the rules, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh loudly, have fun, make memories, and never forget or regret anything that once made you smile :)”


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Mother admits neglecting daughter, 5

A mum who sent her 5-year-old daughter to school smelly, hungry and riddled with head lice and scabies has been convicted of neglect. Sian Corbett-Pitman, 23, from Tauranga, was sentenced last week to 12 months’ intensive supervision and 100 hours’ community work. She had pleaded guilty.

Her lawyer, Tony Rickard-Simms, said in court his client was “naive, inexperienced and had difficulty caring for herself, let alone a child” and she recognised she needed help. After the girl’s condition deteriorated between February and June this year, Child, Youth and Family was told and the girl and her mother were taken to Tauranga Hospital.

The girl’s appearance was described as unkempt, her clothes were often dirty and as well as being heavily infested with head lice, she had not bathed. She often told her teacher she had not had breakfast and did not have any lunch.

The child was placed in her grandmother’s care and she is now attending another school. Corbett-Pitman told police she had noticed her daughter’s health had deteriorated and believed it was because of overcrowding at her home.

Judge Harding told Corbett-Pitman that, while the offending may have occurred at a time when her home was grossly overcrowded, she had let the situation go on for too long.

“Your standard of care to your daughter fell well below the standard expected by anyone. If you can’t do better than that, then no doubt Child, Youth and Family will remove the child from your care, which overall would probably be a bad thing because a child needs its mother.

Judge Harding added: “But if you can’t look after her appropriately, then someone else will.”



3-year-old boy forced to eat a cigarette butt.

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A 3-year-old boy was forced to eat a cigarette butt by his foster mother, ‘not to punish the boy but to attempt to change his behaviour’.

Boy forced to eat cigarette butt.

A three-year-old boy was forced to eat a cigarette butt by his Child, Youth and Family (CYF) guardians. Despite continued complaints, the boy and his brother were left with the Christchurch guardian family for five years.

CYF has begun an investigation into the caregivers, and no more children will be placed in their care until it is completed. The boys were placed in the guardians’ care in 2006.

Their mother, who approached The Press, has made a sworn affidavit to the Family Court in Christchurch in a bid to end the guardianship order. She said she approached CYF for help in 2004 because of her “drug use” and “transient lifestyle” and a violent relationship with the children’s father.

The affidavit refers to several CYF reports on the children. In 2007, CYF was told one of the boys picked up a cigarette butt, put it in his mouth and spat it out again.

He was then taken inside the house and made to eat the cigarette butt and allegedly told: “If it’s good enough for you to do it outside, it’s good enough to do it inside. Go on, chew it.”

The foster mother told CYF investigators she made the child eat the cigarette butt as he often picked things up and put them in his mouth. The CYF investigator said the foster mother did not do it to punish the boy but to attempt to change his behaviour.

CYF was told the house was a “DIY bombshell”, with the play area covered with debris and nails. An investigator found the backyard was “not safe for any child to be playing in”.

Another allegation of ongoing verbal and physical abuse towards the boy’s brother was deemed to be unfounded. In May 2010, a case report noted the children were “suffering alleged ongoing physical and emotional abuse by the caregivers”.

It said the notifications of ongoing abuse were continuous, came from different agencies and could not be “assumed to be malicious”. The children needed a new long-term home, the report said.

Two months earlier, the guardians told CYF workers looking into concerns about smacking that the children “do not get bashed” but got “a tap on the hand”. They were told this was not a “good idea” by CYF as “it could open them up to accusations”. In October this year, the children were removed from the guardians’ care.

CYF southern regional director Kelly Anderson said yesterday an investigation had started into allegations against the caregivers, “particularly around the way in which they have managed the boys’ behaviour”.

“Until that is complete, no children will be placed with this couple,” she said. The boys were placed with the caregivers with the agreement of the family as a result of their mother being unable to provide care for them, she said.

“We have worked with the family over time to address concerns about parenting and how they were managing the boys’ behaviour; for example, by requiring the couple to undertake parenting courses, further caregiver training and use of respite care,” Anderson said.

Children abandoned in appalling conditions.

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From the New Zealand Herald:

Hamilton police are looking for the parents of two young children found abandoned in appalling conditions early today. Police were called to a Dinsdale suburb house about 3.30am and arrived to find a two-and-a-half-year-old girl crying outside the front door, shift manager Senior Sergeant Kevin Anderson said.

“Officers entered the home and came across an 11-month-old boy crying in a portable cot. He had superficial facial injuries and in his cot were two RTD cans, some chips, a bottle of milk formula and a straw, and a sealed condom packet.”

Police searched the house looking for a parent or caregiver and at first thought they had found someone in a bed. “On inspection, police found the bed had been padded to look like someone was there but under the quilt were blankets and pillows.”

Mr Anderson said the children were taken into the care of Child Youth and Family. The parents of the children had still not been found after four hours, Mr Anderson said.

Their mother was located at the address at around 9am this morning, having returned around 6am. The woman noticed her children were missing but had incorrectly assumed their grandmother had collected them. She is currently being interviewed by police.