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Child pornographer caught re-offending while on parole.

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Stephen John Laing, aka "baby rape"

Child pornographer Stephen John Laing, 28, who goes by the pseudonym “baby rape”, has been caught re-offending while on parole in a sting by American police.

Child pornographer re-offends on parole.

A child pornographer has been caught re-offending while on parole in a sting by American police. Stephen John Laing, 28, pleaded guilty in the Waitakere District Court yesterday to supplying 24 objectionable images of children, toddlers and babies being raped and sexually abused.

It was his fifth conviction for supplying child pornography. In September, he was on parole from a five-year sentence received in 2008.

Though his parole conditions banned him from possessing a computer or accessing the internet, Laing used a laptop from his home in Massey, Auckland, to go on to a “friend-to-friend” sharing site where he took the user name “baby rape”.

He used an unsecured wireless connection belonging to a neighbor to share folders including a video folder with 271 video clips and image folders labelled “baby and toddler” and “5 to 10”.

The image folders contained 6000 image files depicting sexual abuse. He shared 24 of the images with a user in the United States. However, he did not know the user was actually a sheriff from Madison County, Alabama, posing as a pedophile.

Customs staff were contacted who traced the internet connection to the router and then to Laing’s home. He was charged with 24 counts of supplying objectionable images and one count of breaching parole conditions.

Customs’ lawyer Gareth Bostock said the “baby rape” name was one Laing had used in past offending. Defense lawyer Seonaid Abernathy applied for continued name suppression due to the anxiety it caused Laing’s parents.

Bostock opposed continued suppression saying Laing had been featured in the media several times in the past. Judge Russell Callendar denied the application saying it was a matter of “grave significance” and there was a “significant public interest” in his name being published.

He said he knew of Laing’s significant previous record from Parole Board hearings. Abernathy then applied for suppression until after Christmas but the judge declined this also.

“Unfortunately, the sins of the son are visited, on this case, on the mother,” he said. At his sentencing in 2008, Laing’s offending was described as “recidivist and brazen”.

He was on bail when he committed those offenses which involved 56 charges of supplying child abuse images. Laing has a criminal history stretching back to 2003 when he was a 19-year-old computer science graduate.

Rehabilitation has been tried but he was kicked off sex-offender treatment for re-offending while in the programme. He was remanded in custody for sentencing on May 1.

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  1. dondiego
    December 26, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Me-thinks several lashes followed by hard-labour until his soul is broken and unable to reoffend is required.
    Any lawyers out there know if he could be extradited to Alabama? The maoris here will surely give him a hard time inside- Alabammy will surely sentence more appropriately.

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