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Eight-year-old boy says “Jail my parents”.

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

An eight-year-old boy who along with his older sister, were subjected to a year of horrific abuse from his parents, says he never wants to see them again.

Abused boy wants parents jailed.

An eight-year-old boy “can’t think of any good things” about his mother and never wants to see her again, after she subjected him to a year of horrific abuse, a court heard today.

The west Auckland woman is being sentenced today in the Auckland District Court on 25 charges of abusing her daughter and son, then aged nine and seven. This morning the Crown made submissions that the woman, who has name suppression, should be sentenced to eight to nine years jail for the abuse.

The boy’s harrowing victim impact statement was read to the court by Crown lawyer Lorraine MacDonald. In it he described how he still fears his parents.

“There is nothing nice about my mum. I can’t think of any good things. I can think of lots of bad things. She would tell me that someone was going to take me away.”

The boy said he could think of just one good thing about his father – he once let him play his video game. The father is facing two charges in the case but will be sentenced next year.

The boy said he and his sister once sat outside at night talking about how they could get hit less by their parents. He said his sister told him they got hit because they didn’t listen, so they tried to listen more. But they still got hit.

The boy described his pain at being abused. “I don’t know why I was hit so much but I think it was because I wasn’t good enough.” He said he thinks his parents should stay in jail for a long time.

“I was hurt for a long time so I think they should stay where they are for a long time too.” Parts of the girl’s statement were also read to the court. She speaks of how normally parents will give kids a chance if they behave badly.

“But they didn’t give me a chance. They didn’t give my brother a chance either.” She said she is still terrified by what happened to her. “I still have nightmares about what happened to me. In my dreams my mother and father are out of jail and trying to find me to hurt me some more.”

Wikipedia: parent definition: one that begets or brings forth offspring.

  1. December 21, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    Oh how my heart cries out for these children. I spent years of my life being abused physically and sexually, I know what it feels like to have a mother who would rather hurt you than love you.

    God bless those children and I pray they find a loving family to go to.

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