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Beware the ‘Beast of Blenheim’.

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Stewart Murray Wilson

Stewart Murray Wilson

Stewart Murray Wilson, dubbed the ‘Beast of Blenheim’ is to be released from prison in September 2012, despite being assessed as highly likely to reoffend. During his time in prison Wilson has not made any attempts at rehabilitation, or even acknowledged his crimes. When asked if he would adhere to a condition that he had no contact with children under the age of 16 upon his release, he replied, “I don’t give a stuff about it”.

Wilson has a history of offences against women and children spanning 25 years, including stupefying, beatings, rape, indecent assault, wilfully ill-treating a child, bestiality and attempted rape.

Nice to know that in NZ public safety is more important than the rights of a criminal. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Fears held for Beast of Blenheim’s victims.

The man known as the Beast of Blenheim will be released from prison in September 2012, but he will be subject to release conditions until 2015. In 1996 Stewart Murray Wilson was sentenced to 21 years’ jail for sexual offending against women and girls over a 25-year period.

He will have served his sentence by September 2012, and will be released despite being assessed by the Parole Board as four times more likely to reoffend than the average prisoner.

Wilson would not tell the board at his latest hearing on October 17 where he would go upon his release because that was “his own business”, although he then said he planned to go to an undisclosed location, then whitebait fishing.

He told the board he would have support from a Catholic church cleric and the support of the Prisoners Aid and Rehabilitation Society. However, there are concerns he might return to Blenheim.

Former Blenheim detective Colin MacKay, who headed the 18-month investigation that led to Wilson’s conviction, said he was concerned about him being released. “He certainly has not been rehabilitated. I think he is a concern for everybody, including all his former victims.

“He’s the type of person who I would feel that some of his victims may well be at risk upon his releases, but that’s the law.” The board still believes he has a high risk of reoffending, but Wilson cannot be kept in prison longer than his applicable release date, because of legislation.

Parole Board communications manager Sonja de Friez said Wilson’s case was rare as he was sentenced in 1996 under previous legislation. “His applicable release date given by the judge at the time is September 2012, but his sentence doesn’t finish until December 2015, so he will be released from prison, with certain release conditions set out by the Corrections Department.”

Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman would not comment this morning, but deputy mayor Jenny Andrews said it was good to know Wilson would be monitored by police after he was released.

“I think there should be compulsory supervision on him – not every minute supervision, but definitely an eye should be kept on him wherever he chooses to live. What he did was despicable … but I think when someone serves their time, what more can anyone do? The punishment has been served.”

The Parole Board review decision released this month showed the 64-year-old had a high risk of reoffending. When asked if he would adhere to a condition that he had no contact with children under the age of 16 upon his release, he replied, “I don’t give a stuff about it”.

Wilson represented himself and told the board he did not expect them to release him earlier than September 1, 2012. When he first came up for release in December 2008, the board made an order under section 107 to keep him in prison until his applicable release date.

He would have a higher risk of reoffending within two years of being released, the review said. Wilson had shown no interest in addressing his offending or managing the risk of reoffending, the review said. In fact, he had continually denied his offending.

Wilson will appear before the board one final time in March or April next year, before he will be released in September with release conditions. He was convicted on a raft of charges including, indecent assault, rape, stupefying, wilful ill-treatment of a child, and bestiality. He was found guilty on all but two of the 25 charges.

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