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Kerre Woodham on child abuse.

Kerre Woodham, one of the New Zealand Herald’s most popular columnists, has written an article on child abuse in New Zealand:

Child abuse – I’m over it.

Every Mother’s Day the spotlight goes on much-loved mums who will be pampered today by their gorgeous kids, with the help of doting fathers. Memories will be made as the children prepare a (mostly inedible) breakfast on a tray laden with presents that have been agonised over for days.

Mother’s Day is more a day for the children than it is for mums – all mums with healthy, beautiful children have a mother’s day every day that their children stay safe and happy.

But this year – sorry to be a spoil sport – let’s turn the spotlight on those mothers who are abject failures. All those mothers who haven’t got a clue who their children’s sperm donors were. All those mothers who have children because they get paid to – and, let’s face it, they wouldn’t get paid to do anything else. Those mothers who stay with men who hurt them and their kids because they’re so pathetic and useless that any shag – even when it comes with a biff – is better than being alone.

This Mother’s Day, I would plead that every mother who has had a child that they don’t care about or can’t cope with gets the help that they need. If they can’t cope with the children, ring family – or ring the Cyfs helpline if they can’t trust their families.

If they’re in an abusive relationship where they’re being harmed and their children are being indelibly scarred, again, seek the help of family and friends or seek the help of the multitude of agencies that are there for you.

I appreciate that breaking the cycle is difficult if you’ve always been the victim, but come to terms with what being a mother is. My definition, and that of all the mothers I know, is to love your babies and keep them safe. And yet so many women in this country fail at the job of being a mother.

How many more beautiful babies will we get to know because they’ve been killed by those who should have been protecting them?

Click the link above to access the full article.

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  1. September 14, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    I really like what Kerre has written.

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