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Murderer/rapist up for parole.

Peter George Davis, rapist and murderer.

Peter George Davis, who in 1992 raped and strangled 8 year old Sarah Curry, will be considered for parole at a hearing in the week beginning May 16.

Invercargill girl’s killer in parole bid.

Parole will be considered next month for the man jailed for raping and murdering Invercargill girl Sarah Curry 19 years ago. A New Zealand Parole Board letter sent to a family member says Peter George Davis, 63, will be considered for parole at a hearing in the week beginning May 16.

Davis previously appeared before the board in May last year but he did not seek parole. Serving a life sentence and preventive detention, Davis, then 44, raped the 8-year-old, strangled her and left her body in a reserve on the side of Bluff Rd, in Invercargill, on January 21, 1992.

In his written decision after Davis’ previous hearing, board chairman Judge David Carruthers said Davis fell into an “unusual category of prisoner” and was one of the few inmates serving a life sentence and preventive detention in New Zealand. “In this case he earned both of those sentences because of the truly horrific nature of what he did all those years ago, ” Judge Carruthers said.

Davis did not seek parole at the hearing, instead asking to be returned to a child sex-offenders programme within the prison system. The hearing was the first in three years after the board made a postponement order in 2007 to allow for an independent psychological assessment into the risk of Davis reoffending.

That risk was still found to be real and Davis had not responded adequately to the treatment that had already been given to him. The board resolved to reconsider Davis’ case this year, but “no promises are being made at all in Mr Davis’ case,” Judge Carruthers says in last year’s decision.

Next month’s hearing will be Davis’ seventh since he became eligible for parole in 2002. The family member who provided the letter to The Southland Times questioned why Davis was even being considered for parole at all because “he should rot in hell”.

  1. Dave Lysaght
    August 25, 2015 at 10:53 am

    Hell hasn’t BEGUN for this cur dog yet… That’s reservd for another judgement …

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