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Killer played PlayStation as he held dying baby.

Trent Hapuku

Trent Hapuku, accused of killing five-month-old boy Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti, was found trying to play a PlayStation game as the baby was dying on his shoulder.

Man played on console as he held dying baby.

The man accused of killing a five-month-old boy was found trying to play a PlayStation game as the baby was dying on his shoulder. Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti died on the evening of January 11 after his mother found him alone with her partner, Trent Owen Ngaruhe Hapuku, 21.

Hapuku, who has been charged with manslaughter, appeared in Hastings District Court yesterday and was remanded in custody without plea until March. The baby lived with his mother, Jamie Reti, two-year-old brother and Hapuku in a sleepout behind a house in Kingsley Drive, Flaxmere.

Hapuku had been in a relationship with Ms Reti for three to four months and she was three months pregnant with his child. The police statement of facts alleges that, about 6.30pm on January 11, Jarius’s brother needed to be bathed and was taken to the main house by his mother.

Hapuku was left in sole charge of Jarius and proceeded to feed him but he did not drink the normal amount and became sleepy. Hapuku burped him and put him in his cot. Fifteen minutes later Ms Reti returned and the baby appeared to be in good health. She returned to the main house for 45 minutes to complete tending to her other son and to eat her dinner.

Police allege that nobody else went into the sleepout and Hapuku somehow caused critical blunt-force injury to the baby’s liver, severing it, and fracturing four of his ribs. The injury to the liver probably resulted from it being crushed internally against the baby’s spinal column, police say.

He would have been in severe pain and he vomited over Hapuku’s shoulder while being held. It is alleged the baby continued bleeding internally and rapidly lost blood, which caused his face to turn pale. Massive bleeding caused him to go into shock and lose consciousness.

When Ms Reti returned to the sleepout, she found Hapuku trying to play a PlayStation game while holding the boy over his shoulder. She saw the baby’s pale face and decided to take him straight to Hawke’s Bay Hospital. The baby was wrapped in a blanket with Hapuku monitoring him on the way.

Hospital staff found he was not breathing and were unable to revive him. The autopsy on the baby found death would have resulted in minutes from the inflicted injuries. Hapuku told police he knew he would get the blame because he was the only person with the baby. He said he did not know how the injuries happened.

A pathologist’s report found the baby was also suffering from healing fractures to his ribs that were estimated as being between a week and a fortnight old. The report found that the injuries were likely to have been caused as the result of a front-to-back crushing injury.

  1. nicole
    March 10, 2011 at 8:56 am

    i have read so many posts from here, my heart feels so heavy as well as my stomach, words cannot even express my horror at what i have read. children are so innocent and such a joy to bring into this world, to watch grow, to hear thier laugh, to watch them discover and learn, to seeing the sun gleam thru her hair as she plays in the field, knowing forever she is safe and cherished..i cannot imagine the hole i would have if my little girl wasnt in my life..and to hear of these things..all of those poor children..dying at the hands of those that they trust to keep them safe..infuriates me beyond what i can fully comprehend…and for a game to take importance over a little child…i can only ask why…why…why ? it is truly beyond comprehension..i am glad people are out there to speak for the ones who cannot speak for themselves..all of those children… i drop everything for my daughter and show her everyday i love her, and always she is safe with mommie and daddy…my heart aches for all those children

  2. April 20, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Who is behind this blog? It is a collaborative? I applaud you – whoever you are, for taking this stand. I actually only found this site by accident though as was looking for current MOH statistics to support a blog I am writing. I have already written one myself, thinking I was the only person brave enough to blog about it as the silence on this issue is deafening. But coming across this site provides another example of how uncoordinated our efforts against child abuse are in this country – at the government level, community level and at our level as individuals. I have this morning been reading a fascinating document published by CFYs. While it was hugely encouraging, it came out last year – 20,000 substantiated cases of abuse ago. I feel like no matter how much people like us care and how many initiatives the government puts out, nothing will change. It is an insidious horror that seems to be ingrained in our culture. And I’m not talking just about physical abuse & neglect either – sexual abuse is a huge issue in this country and is the most underreported both in terms of the police knowing and the media reports. We need to get this country talking.

  3. April 20, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Just me I’m afraid. I’m not much of a writer as you can probably tell, and don’t spend as much time as I would like updating this blog.

  4. April 20, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    You have nothing to apologise for – good on you for posting the articles. The sad thing is that for every one case that makes it to the news, another 40 children are being harmed. Have you heard about PB plan to look into mandatory reporting? I like it. I was skeptical at first – oh no not another review – but having read all about the other initiatives she has put in place I think its a good idea. But we just need change from the ground. I just don’t know what it will take – when I cycled to advocate against child abuse and raise money for Jigsaw Family Services, businesses, friends & family all got involved but Chris Hipkins (Labour) and Pita Sharples & the Maori party ignored my email asking if they were lend their voice to the cause. I was hugely disillusioned and shocked that those at the top would not even bother to reply.

  5. April 20, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    P.s I have added you to my blogroll so keep the posts coming! Also, in case you’re keen, the link to the blog I have written is http://unsolicitedious.wordpress.com/category/our-precious-children/. I plan to write many more and continue writing to the main newspapers etc.

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