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Paroled sex offender caught in bed with 14-year-old girl.

Convicted sex offender Shane Frederick Stoneham, 26, who was supposedly being monitored 24 hours a day, has been caught in bed with a 14-year-old girl.

Child-sex offender caught in bed with 14-year-old.

A high-risk convicted sex offender was allegedly found in bed with a missing underage girl when he was supposed to be under round-the-clock watch. It is understood a probation officer discovered Shane Frederick Stoneham, 26, in bed with a 14-year-old girl at a Porirua address on November 22 last year. She had been reported missing by her family, but she said after the incident that she loved Stoneham.

Police arrested Stoneham that day, and he allegedly assaulted a constable. Corrections Minister Judith Collins was informed within hours of the incident, a Corrections Department spokeswoman said yesterday. But the department is refusing to answer questions about the monitoring failure. Corrections was responsible for supervising Stoneham in the community till 2018 and he was ordered not to have contact with any person under 16.

At the time of the incident, a minder from a contracted company was supposed to be monitoring Stoneham 24 hours a day. It is understood that company’s contract with Corrections has now been terminated, but the department refused to provide its name or give any other details yesterday. Stoneham was last freed from prison in 2008 after the Parole Board repeatedly refused to release him early.

“The psychiatrist was of the clear view that his lack of empathy with other people’s feelings and motivations will bring him back in conflict with the law and that there is a clear need for very strict supervision …” the board said in 2008 before he was freed. “His risk of return is very high because he has no insight into his behaviour.”

The board also noted his probation officer’s “grave concern” about the risk to the community. Stoneham had served a three-year, nine-month sentence for unlawful sexual connection with a girl and for assaulting a Parole Board member. He was ordered upon release to complete 10 years of extended supervision – an order reserved for offenders assessed as having a “real and ongoing” risk of further sexual offences against those under 16 years of age or with a significant impairment.

He is in custody and has pleaded not guilty to breaching the order six times between September and November last year. Upper Hutt District Court was told in November that the girl had presented herself to Stoneham as someone over the age of 16. He has also pleaded not guilty to assaulting a constable on the day of his arrest and intentionally damaging his electronic monitoring bracelet and a cell wall. He is due to reappear next month.

Corrections Department corporate affairs manager Julie McBurney said that details of the monitoring failure were pertinent to the prosecution. “We believe we have a really strong case and it’s in [the] public interest that we are able to prosecute that through the courts and we don’t want to say anything that might pose a problem.”

But the monitoring failure comes four years after criticisms were levelled at Corrections when Graeme Burton murdered Karl Kuchenbecker while on parole, and four years after prisoner Liam Ashley was murdered in a contracted prison van operated by Chubb Security. Corrections appointed an expert panel to redesign its Community Probation Services after the auditor-general released a scathing report on the service in 2009.

Former Corrections chief executive Barry Matthews said before his retirement in December last year that one of his top three achievements was improving the sentence compliance of offenders. “If offenders don’t comply we’re quickly on to them to take action.”

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