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Another Maori child dead, step-father charged with manslaughter.

Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti

A 21 year old male has appeared in court charged with the manslaughter of 5 month old Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti.

From the New Zealand Herald:

Man accused of killing baby boy appears in court

Shouts of support for a 21-year-old man accused of the manslaughter of a five-month-old baby in Hastings were quickly shut down by the judge in Hastings District Court today. Judge Russell Callander cut short the disruption as one young man gave the Mongrel Mob salute and chanted in Maori, while a woman yelled “I love you ”
The display of emotion from the public gallery came hard on the heels of mayhem that erupted in Napier District Court last Wednesday, when the family of five-year-old Sahara Baker-Koro, found dead after a sexual violation in her home just before Christmas, began screaming abuse at her alleged attacker and had to be restrained by police and security staff.
The young man appearing in court in Hastings today, charged with the manslaughter of Mikara Ranui Jarius Reti in Flaxmere last Tuesday, stood handcuffed in the dock as his lawyer, Eric Forster, argued for continued suppression of his name for several more weeks. Mr Forster also asked that his client be excused from further court appearances until mid-March.
He told Judge Callander there were “significant other people who still need to be told”, as the accused stood with his head bowed and his face expressionless. “People close to the family, they need to tell their employers,” he said. Judge Callander said one week would be more than enough for people to be informed.
He remanded the accused in custody to appear in court again next Tuesday. Afterward, outside the courtroom and in a carpark across the road, several members of large group still hurling insults were warned by police they risked being charged with disorderly behaviour.

  1. nicole
    March 10, 2011 at 9:12 am

    i can say from experience what it is like to be the victim of child abuse, both physicall and sexuall, i was molested twice once at 4 yrs of age and once at 6 yrs of age, both by diffrent men, both my mothers boyfriends, my mother gave me up to my grandmother at age 7 because she wanted to do other things and i was considerd a hold back, my father abandond me at age 3 mo. i hope this man gets whats is due to him, and he will one way or another, just like my molesters have. i can say my story has a beutifull ending, despite the odds i became a well adjusted woman with great morals, i feel no hatred i became married 7 yrs ago and gave birth to a beutifull daughter 2 yrs ago, i am genuinly a happy woman and because i have been abused i watch my daughter with both eyes and never leave her alone with any one except her daddy nana, and my grandmother, and because ive been thru the bad, i turned out to be a fantastic mother i was taught what not to do thru experience my child will never see as long as my heart beats

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