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Murdered toddlers skull ‘Like crazy paving’.

Toddler’s skull like smashed glass, jury told.

A Northland toddler who died after receiving a serious head injury had a skull which looked like “smashed glass”, a jury at the High Court in Whangarei has been told. Kyle Skerten, 23, of Kerikeri, is charged with murdering his 15-month-old stepson, Riley Justin Osborne, who died on December 23, 2009 – four days after he suffered a severe brain injury at his home in Cobham Rd.

In the Crown’s opening address, Mike Smith said scans of the toddler’s head showed a complex fracture that he described as like crazy paving or smashed glass. The Crown says the injury was non-accidental. Skerten has claimed he found Riley on the floor of the bedroom with his head against the leg of the wooden cot.

Skerten also faces a charge of possession of a pipe for smoking methamphetamine, eight charges of offering to sell cannabis, nine charges of supplying a precursor substance – pseudo ephedrine – and four of offering to supply methamphetamine.

RIP little guy, you won’t be forgotten. Full article here.

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