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NZ police pritorize traffice offenses over child abuse.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, been very busy with family and work.

The NZ Herald article below details appalling decisions by at least one (probably more) police districts in NZ where officers investigating child abuse are regularly reassigned to investigate traffic offenses in order to meet police quotas (i.e. revenue gathering).

Child abuse complaints are also being deliberately filed under a generic code meaning they become ‘lost’ in the system and are not counted in child abuse statistics.

Watchdog slams police over child abuse cases.

A damning report into the police handling of child abuse cases shows at least one district prioritised traffic fines ahead of child abuse investigations. The Independent Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) said another area appeared to have recorded child abuse files as lost as a “means of reducing overdue file statistics”.

The IPCA inquiry followed the discovery last June of a backlog of more than 100 child abuse investigation files in the Wairarapa, where there had been little or no progress by police on the original complaint. In December, following submissions from the public about delays in other areas, the IPCA widened its inquiry to cover the whole country and today released part one of its findings.

Police Commissioner Howard Broad said the majority of child abuse files were “being dealt with in a proper and timely manner” but he would implement as many of the authority’s recommendations as quickly as possible.

Full article here, IPCA recommendations here.

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  1. Moana
    March 4, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    How many kids were murdered last year and what cultures did they come from? One would assume that only brown kids are dying because that’s all we see in the media.

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