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Wannabe gangster thug assaults child for wearing a red t-shirt.

May 19, 2010 2 comments

The below story tells of a 4-year old child (who happened to be wearing a red t-shirt) at a playground with his sister and father, when along comes wannabe “Black Power” gang member aka waste-of-space-and-oxygen-loser Dusty Masters-Pomana who proceeds to assault the child and forcibly remove his t-shirt – because it was the same color as that used by rival gang “The Mongrel Mob”.

Check out mister badass he-man below. I reckon this display of his manliness – intimidating helpless children – more than qualifies him for membership of the “Black Power”, who make their living in precisely the same manner.

Dusty Masters-Pomana

Gang ‘wannabe’ arrested over attack on 4-year-old in red shirt.

Whakatane police have arrested the “wannabe” gang member who allegedly roughed up a 4-year-old boy because he was wearing a color associated with a rival gang. Acting area commander Greg Sparrow said police apprehended the 21-year-old yesterday afternoon and charged him with assault. He was remanded in custody and will appear in the Whakatane District Court today.

“We are happy to have made an arrest for what is a serious charge … and thank the community for their help in tracking him down,” said Mr Sparrow. Last week, a man attacked the preschooler who was playing with his father and sister in Cutler Cres. Reserve.

Senior Sergeant Bruce Jenkins said while the father’s back was turned, the assailant yelled at the boy to remove his red shirt, then prodded him and tore it off his back. Red is associated with the Mongrel Mob, a rival gang to Black Power, who wear blue and consider Whakatane their home. The incident was condemned by police, Whakatane residents and Black Power themselves, who said assaulting a child was a violation of their code.

Full article here.

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New Zealanders take better care of their dogs than their babies.

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

The actual claim is ‘We (New Zealanders) treat our babies like dogs’ but I think the above is more accurate. The NZ Herald article below describes how serious cases of abuse against babies have increased by two-thirds in the last two years.

One of the most shocking facts is that statistically every five days a child under 2 is hospitalized because of abuse.

Chris and Cry Kahui

‘We treat our babies like dogs’.

Serious cases of abuse against babies have leaped by two-thirds in just two years, according to official figures. The Ministry of Health revealed 74 children aged under one year were admitted to hospital after violent attacks last year, compared with 45 in 2007.

The surge comes as Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said children were being treated like “dogs”. In an open letter to police, Bennett wrote: “It is unacceptable that our youngest, most vulnerable children are being treated like dogs. The shameful statistics have got to change.”

The deaths of 3-month old twins Chris and Cru Kahui in 2006 led to a major Government campaign to stamp out child abuse. Millions of dollars were spent on advertising campaigns such as the Never, Ever Shake a Baby series. Bennett admitted she was “absolutely horrified” at the findings. “There isn’t one nice answer and, frankly, if there was we’d be doing it.

Nia Glassie

“Some of it’s going to be tough stuff for us to get our heads around, like are we leaving children in people’s homes too long or putting them back in the right families?”.

Full article here.

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Grandmother blames three-year old for the death of his cousin.

May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Just when you think you’ve heard ’em all; we have the story of grandmother Joanne Jasmine Tahuri, 57, of Marton, who is charged with the murder of her grand-daughter Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright, claiming that Cherish’s three-year old cousin caused the injuries that lead to her death.

Tahuri also tried to excuse the severe bruising found on Cherish’s body by claiming that Cherish was clumsy and would regularly walk into doors or fall over.

Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright

Cousin hit Cherish, jurors told.

A three-year-old was partly responsible for the death of his cousin Cherishsiliala Tahuri-Wright, a lawyer for their grandmother will argue. The murder trial of Joanne Jasmine Tahuri, 57, of Marton, began in the High Court at Whanganui yesterday, before Justice Warwick Gendall.

Tahuri is charged with the murder of Cherish, 3. The Porirua child died of head injuries in Wellington Hospital on February 19 last year. Crown prosecutor Ben Vanderkolk said Cherish had been staying in Marton with her grandmother, cousin and her grandmother’s partner Alan Kemp Hunia, 51, at the time of her death.

Despite Cherish taking a fall at a playground three days before receiving her injuries, she was seen to be well shortly before her rapid decline in health, Mr Vanderkolk said. “It was a descent into unconsciousness and ultimately death”. The jury would hear how Cherish was sick, struggling to breathe, with clammy skin, an erratic pulse and blood coming from her mouth, Mr Vanderkolk said.

Joanne Tahuri

A neighbor also saw bruising on Cherish’s face, he said. “When she confronts the accused and asked how the bruising occurred, she is told [the cousin] did that”. But the blunt force needed to cause Cherish’s subdural haematoma required a fall of several meters and could not have been caused by another three-year-old, Mr Vanderkolk said.

Full article here.

NZ police pritorize traffice offenses over child abuse.

May 18, 2010 1 comment

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, been very busy with family and work.

The NZ Herald article below details appalling decisions by at least one (probably more) police districts in NZ where officers investigating child abuse are regularly reassigned to investigate traffic offenses in order to meet police quotas (i.e. revenue gathering).

Child abuse complaints are also being deliberately filed under a generic code meaning they become ‘lost’ in the system and are not counted in child abuse statistics.

Watchdog slams police over child abuse cases.

A damning report into the police handling of child abuse cases shows at least one district prioritised traffic fines ahead of child abuse investigations. The Independent Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) said another area appeared to have recorded child abuse files as lost as a “means of reducing overdue file statistics”.

The IPCA inquiry followed the discovery last June of a backlog of more than 100 child abuse investigation files in the Wairarapa, where there had been little or no progress by police on the original complaint. In December, following submissions from the public about delays in other areas, the IPCA widened its inquiry to cover the whole country and today released part one of its findings.

Police Commissioner Howard Broad said the majority of child abuse files were “being dealt with in a proper and timely manner” but he would implement as many of the authority’s recommendations as quickly as possible.

Full article here, IPCA recommendations here.

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