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13 year old boy abused by mother and stepfather.

Son allegedly beaten and choked.

Yvonne Shirley Dainty, 42, is charged along with her husband, Brett Nolan Dainty, 39, of assaulting the boy. But the boy’s six-year-old half-brother remains at the Auckland family home being cared for by the pair while they are on bail. The 13-year-old is Mrs Dainty’s son from a previous relationship. The six-year-old is the son of them both.

The couple who are accused of choking, punching and beating their son with household implements are still caring for another young child. The Auckland pair face charges of battering their 13-year-old son with a cordless telephone, an electric jug cord, a plank of wood, an extension cord, a broomstick handle and a rubber flip-flop. The stepfather also allegedly supplied the boy with cannabis.

Child, Youth and Family general manager of operations John Henderson said the family was known to CYF “through a small number of isolated incidents over the years”. “Abuse has never been able to be substantiated.

Full article here.

  1. April 15, 2010 at 10:40 am

    WTF??? Why would they leave any other children in that home if they’re even being investigated for beating a child? Especially using weapons? I’m speechless…

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