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It’s official: NZ one of the most violent countries in the developed world.

NZ murder record among worst.

The murder and manslaughter of about 100 people a year makes New Zealand one of the most violent countries in the developed world, according to a new independent report. New Zealand has been given a “D” rating on a report card prepared by the New Zealand Institute, because of its high rates of violent deaths and child abuse.

This weekend, the United Nations Human Rights Committee expressed concern at New Zealand’s high rates of child abuse, and recommended the Government encourage reporting of suspected abuse, and ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

According to the New Zealand Institute, only Mexico, Finland, Hungary and the gun-toting US have higher “assault mortality” rates in the 30-member OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Australia’s violent killing rate is half that of New Zealand’s, while table leaders Japan and Britain have only a quarter the per capita rate.

The chickens have come home to roost. What we are seeing is the result of years of politically correct, hug-a-crim, no-one is responsible, blame-the-system type governing by the previous government, as our corrections minister Judith Collins indicates below:

Police and Corrections Minister Judith Collins attributed the high violent death rate to those “beating up their families” and those – usually relatives – who turned a blind eye. “The people who hit and kill and starve children are who should be blamed,” she said.

A string of policies to combat violence, from teenage boot camps to on-the-spot police protection orders, were examples of more proactive policing, she said. But government agencies were “often the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff”.

She said New Zealand had a culture of making excuses and blaming government departments, rather than holding violent offenders responsible for their actions. Criminologist Greg Newbold, like Collins, was not surprised by the D rating.

He said Kiwis had to recognise they had a problem, and blamed political correctness for a government failure to deal with “shameful” Maori assault and child abuse statistics. He said many children were brought up witnessing violent talk and behaviour and then copying it.

Full article here.

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