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Another pedophile gets a slap on the hand.

Child pornography man avoids jail.

Callum Moates

A Whangarei man who had thousands of images of child pornography, including of a three-year-old girl being raped, has escaped being given a jail term.
Callum Moates, 41, appeared for sentence in Whangarei District Court this week after earlier pleading guilty to 20 charges of possessing objectionable material, the Northern Advocate reported.

The charges were representative – 15 files containing images and five with videos were analyzed from thousands contained on computers, hard drives and discs found at his home in December 2008. The search came after an international investigation identified a number of New Zealanders accessing child porn websites.

Judge Simon Maude said the aggravating factors involved in the offending included the level of cruelty involved in the exploitation of the children, the vulnerability of the victims, the fact it was premeditated offending, the large number of files involved – 4170 – and the age of the children.

Judge Maude sentenced Moates to 12 months’ home detention – the maximum available – with strict conditions regarding counseling. He was also banned from having access to computers or the internet.

Home detention? No prizes for guessing how he will occupy himself for the next 12 months! How can he be stopped from accessing the internet in his own home? Yet another example of how little our justice system and judges value children. Full article here.

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  1. March 27, 2010 at 2:54 am

    WTF??? I’ve been reading quite a few articles about judges giving child predators what they call “stiff penalties” (a lot of them in the UK) and I’m just sickened.

    Why not give him a year for each image? Even a month for each image would be better than *nothing*, which is what “home detention” boils down to.

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