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80 year old man lured school boys into his house.

Donald MacDonald-Dalkeith

Man jailed for sex offenses committed at 80.

Donald MacDonald-Dalkeith, 81, committed indecencies against boys while he was 80. He was sentenced in Napier District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to 14 charges of unlawful sexual connection with a young person aged under 16.

The retired teacher and former parliamentary librarian is a childless bachelor with no previous convictions. MacDonald-Dalkeith had unlawful sexual connection with a boy aged between 12 and 14 between mid-2007 and late last year. He committed the same offense against a boy, 14, over seven months last year. The younger victim had Asperger’s syndrome.

MacDonald-Dalkeith lived near two schools and lured one of the boys into his house while he was on his way to or from school. This boy introduced him to a friend, who became the second victim.

He paid the boys between $5 and $20 cash or gave them a cigarette for sexual favours, telling them not to tell anyone as no-one would believe them because he was a respected community member and it would be their word against his.

The younger boy became increasingly confused and made two suicide attempts. The boys separately made numerous visits to MacDonald-Dalkeith’s house until September last year, when police searched his house after being told about the offending by the first boy.

MacDonald-Dalkeith, who had interim name suppression until yesterday, was sentenced to five years and four months’ prison.

Unbelievable! Yet another very light prison sentence for a sicko with a history of molesting little boys. It’s high time these crimes were taken seriously by the courts. Perverts like this POS are ruining lives, these children will suffer the on-going effects for years to come. Full article here.

  1. March 25, 2010 at 3:36 am

    This guy was a *teacher* and a librarian… do they think for a second that he doesn’t have many other victims? They should be working to ensure that any other victims are able to see justice, as well. 5 years 4 months isn’t going to cut it. Sentences like that are part of the reason why victims don’t come forward. They don’t feel safe.

    I just read about a Syracuse, NY man who tried to lure a 9 year old little girl on MySpace for sex and only got 5 years (which he’ll likely only serve a portion of). What’s worse is that he was driven to the rendezvous (with the 9 year old child) by a level 3 sex offender. The state chose not to press charges against the level 3 sex offender, as if he didn’t know exactly what was going on.

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