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Man used his children as sexual playthings.

Sex offender dad jailed 19 years.

A father who spent years using his three small children as “sexual playthings” shook his head as he began the 19-year prison term imposed in the Christchurch District Court today. he man, a 37-year-old freight worker, continues to deny all the charges even after the jury found him guilty of 12 offenses at the end of a seven-day trial.

Judge Jane Farish told him she had never seen such serious victim impact statements in 23 years of work as a prosecutor and judge. She suppressed the details of the health effects upon the two girls and a boy from offending that began in 2001 and only stopped in 2008 when one of the girls disclosed what had been happening.

The man was found guilty of three charges of indecent assault on girls under 12, four of doing an indecent act on the children, one of indecent assault on his son, and charges of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, and rape. All of the children were under 12 during most of the offending, and all of the charges were representative, meaning the offending occurred more than once. They gave evidence at trial over a closed circuit television link from another part of the Court.

Crown prosecutor Claire Boshier listed 10 aggravating factors indicating the sentencing range should be near the maximum sentence of 20 years. The factors included the breach of trust, the threats to the victims, the physical pain imposed on them, the harm caused, the age and number of the victims, and the fact that the offending occurred in their home where they should have felt safe.

The boy had been banished from the family without explanation because of his behavior. Miss Boshier said it was “breath-taking” hypocrisy that the man had said the son was sent away to protect his youngest daughter at a time when he was offending against her himself.

Full article here.

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