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Child killer denied parole.

Paul Dally

Karla Cardno’s killer denied parole.

The man who kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered Lower Hutt teen Karla Cardno has been declined parole. Paul Joseph Dally, has already served 20 years of a life prison sentence, but is considered too dangerous to be released.

Quoting a psychological assessment, the Parole Board described him as showing a “high degree of relationship to serious and violent recidivism”.

“In the final analysis I am not entirely confident that the underlying motives for Mr Dally’s offending have been laid bare, and I consider that his current dismissal of his offense as ‘ancient history’ coupled with the assertion that he has been convicted of murder, not a sexual offense, extremely problematic.”

Karla Cardno

In 1989 Dally kidnapped Karla as she cycled to her Lower Hutt home. He then raped and tortured her in his nearby home, watching from the window as her frantic family searched outside. Later he drove to the Pencarrow Coast, near Eastbourne, where he smashed her skull with a piece of driftwood and buried her face down, still alive and naked, and with her hands bound.

Full article here, a history of the murder here.

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