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Another baby drowns after being left alone in the bath.

Bath tragedy: Mother’s fight to save baby.

A desperate young mother frantically tried to revive her baby daughter after finding the infant floating face down in the bath next to her twin sister. The 21-year-old mother’s efforts were taken over by ambulance workers who rushed the 11-month-old girl to Starship Hospital. But she died on Sunday afternoon after being taken off life support.

Police are investigating the death but say it’s too early to know if charges will be laid. Detective Michelle Shepherd, of the Waitakere child abuse team, said the incident happened on Wednesday morning at the family’s Henderson home. It is understood the mother briefly left her daughters in the bath while she went to get something ready for them. In the short time she was gone, one of the girls got into trouble, while the other continued to play.

21-year-old mother Amber Lawson was regularly visited by Child Youth and Family which gave her advice on how to provide a “safe and loving home” for her twin daughters. While police continue to investigate the case, Aimee’s twin sister Ella – who was in the bath playing with her when the incident happened – has been placed in another home.

Full article here, followup article here .

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