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Woman accused of murdering toddler was 'worried about his health'.

Patricia Angela Pickering

Accused caregiver ‘was worried about boy’.

A woman says her cousin, who is on trial for murdering a three-year-old boy in her care, rang and told her she thought he had an illness on the day he went into hospital. Patricia Angela Pickering, 38, has pleaded not guilty in the High Court at Auckland to murdering Dylan Hohepa Tonga Rimoni, two charges of causing him grievous bodily harm, and one of assault.

Pickering was Dylan’s caregiver. The toddler died in Auckland’s Starship Hospital in April 2008. Heather Pickering told Crown prosecutor Phil Hamlin she received a telephone call from her cousin Patricia Pickering on the day Dylan went into hospital.

“She thought he had a bug. Then all of a sudden he had a swollen brain, he’s on life support and things weren’t looking too good for him. She was very upset,” Heather Pickering said.

Dylan Hohepa Tonga Rimoni

Upset because she knew she would be caught and held responsible! If she cared about this poor little boy she has a strange way of showing it. Would she have us believe that Dylan died from head injuries and a swollen brain that were caused by a bug and not because of her relentlessly beating and torturing him? How stupid do her and her lawyer think the police and judges etc are?

Full article here.

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