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Mother leaves baby alone in bath, baby drowns.

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Murder charge over baby in bath

A 29-year-old mother faces a murder charge for leaving her baby in a bath.

The woman, who cannot be named, initially faced a manslaughter charge in relation to the death of her 13-month-old son. Yesterday, that charge was upgraded to murder when the woman appeared in the High Court at Auckland. Police allege she left the infant alone in a deep bath for 15 minutes.

The baby and his 5-year-old sister had been living away from their parents for eight months, and returned to them only two days before his death. Detective Sergeant Megan Goldie, of the Waitakere child abuse team, said the charge was reconsidered when Crown prosecutors reviewed the case. She said the prosecution would hinge on the woman’s intent at the time she left the baby in the bath.

Court documents record that the woman told police she experienced a “rollercoaster of feelings and emotions” when she learned that the children were to return home to her care. She was unsure she was going to be able to cope, had been unable to sleep and was not feeling emotionally strong.

For more information go here or here.

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